Vice in the style of Miranda Lambert
Popular in the year(s) 2016

Approximate Duration: 00:04:02

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TitleArtistMovie or show
Modern Loneliness (clean) Lauv
Modern Loneliness (explicit) Lauv
Stop This Flame Celeste
Bang AJR
Rainbow At MidnightErnest Tubb
Like Father Like SonLionel Cartwright
Feel MeSelena Gomez
We Own The Night (Duet Version)Chandler Kinney with Pearce Joza and Baby ArielZ-O-M-B-I-E-S 2 (Zombies 2) (2020)
Ghost I Used To Be (Duet Version) (clean) Vinnie Paz feat. EamonIsi And Ossi (2020)
Ghost I Used To Be (Duet Version) (explicit) Vinnie Paz feat. EamonIsi And Ossi (2020)
After HoursThe Weeknd (The Weekend)
Superblood Wolfmoon (clean) Pearl Jam
Stop Breakin' Down BluesEric Clapton
Good To GoJohn Corbett
She Never Knew MeDon Williams
Walking Wounded Everything But The Girl
Superblood Wolfmoon (explicit) Pearl Jam
Chasin' YouMorgan Wallen
Calling All The Heroes It Bites
To Die ForSam Smith
16 (Sixteen) (clean) Highly Suspect
16 (Sixteen) (explicit) Highly Suspect
Forever (Duet Version)Justin Bieber feat. Post Malone and Clever
Starting All Over Again Mel and Tim
Party LightsClaudine Clark
Get Ready (Duet Version) Pitbull feat. Blake Shelton
Broke In A Minute (clean)Tory Lanez
Broke In A Minute (explicit)Tory Lanez
No Time To DieBillie EilishJames Bond - No Time To Die (2020)
Flirtin' With Disaster Molly Hatchet
Everybody's Gotta Grow Up Sometime Sons Of The Desert
Wise UpAmy Grant
If Looks Could Kill Heart
Raise Hell Dorothy
Intentions (Duet Version)Justin Bieber feat. Quavo
WandererEddie Rabbitt
O-o-h Child (Ooh Child)The Five Stairsteps (The 5 Stairsteps)
Still Be Friends (Duet Version) (clean) G-Eazy feat. Tyga and Tory Lanez
Still Be Friends (Duet Version) (explicit) G-Eazy feat. Tyga and Tory Lanez
Yikes (clean)Nicki Minaj
Yikes (explicit)Nicki Minaj
Believe (Duet Version) Meek Mill feat. Justin Timberlake
Anyone (clean)Demi Lovato
I Only Have Eyes For YouFrank Sinatra and Count Basie
Kindling (Fickle Flame) (Duet Version) Elbow feat. John Grant
Home Depeche Mode
Life's What You Make It Talk Talk
Opaul (clean)Freddie Dredd
Opaul (explicit)Freddie Dredd
Crazy BluesLeon Redbone

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